Sale based on prescription

Seksuaaltervise Kliinik müüb alates 1. aprill 2019 koostöös Eesti Haigekassaga meditsiiniseadmeid soodustingimustel

As of 1st April 2019, the Sexual Health Clinic, in cooperation with the Estonian Health Board, sells medical devices at reduced rates.

Reduced rates at the Sexual Health Clinic apply for:

• Compression stockings

• Wound care products

The Sexual Health Clinic offers the service to people who are ensured by the Health Insurance Fund and owners of a valid E112, E123, S2 or DA1 form issued by a competent institution of an EU member country or a European Health Insurance Card or a replacement certificate to the European Health Insurance Card. The medical devices are sold based on a medicinal products card in accordance with and under the conditions of the law. In order to receive the discount, a digital prescription for a medical device issued by a Family Doctor or a General Practitioner is necessary.

The Sexual Health Clinic conducts medical device sales at Peterburi tee 2, Tallinn, in accordance with the Health Insurance Act § 48 section 4 regulation “Eesti Haigekassa meditsiiniseadmete loetelu ja meditsiiniseadmete loetellu kantud meditsiiniseadme eest tasu maksmise kohustuse ülevõtmise kord”

The Health Insurance Fund covers the cost of compression stockings by 90% and wound care products by 50% of the reference prices.


Actico Ulcer Sys 8007869

Jaemüügihind  65,00 eurot
Haigekassa poolt kompenseeritud hind 58,50 eurot

Hind patsiendile: 6,50 eurot


Seksuaaltervise Kliiniku poolt pakutavad haavaravitooted leiad SIIT.

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